May 8, 2017 § 4 Comments


I thought I’d already put this here, but I cannot find it anywhere on here. But thanks to a renewed interest in tentacles I’ve taken it out of my actual drawing book and contemplated it. Tentative, tentacles, a common etymology: to feel, to try, to test, especially. What in my environment is safe, and what is not? What shall I gather as sustenance? Now for some facts extracted from the internet. Caecilians are amphibians without any limbs, but they do have tentacles, which are sensory organs so perhaps limb-adjacent. There is this giant mythological earthwormlike creature, the minhocão, that ALLEGEDLY exists in the forests of central South America, and it looks like these little serpentlike creatures. Only amplified and perhaps like something out of Dune. Perhaps that’s its shadow at the bottom.



§ 4 Responses to tentacles

  • birds fly says:

    I like the skull lurking in the middle that looks to be lodged in the throat of a humanoid head sprouting an eyeball from its scalp. And those lines with the mysterious arrows pointing up that appear to be growing out of the side of a fish.

    • pyrosoma says:

      I think it was my study of various geological diagrams that prompted me to include arrows, also another takeaway from this is that rodents irrationally fear perfectly innocent games of gin rummy.

  • pyrosoma says:

    I remember now, that skull was the last thing I included, before it was a skull it was wavy lines that I erased hard enough to make a tiny, tiny hole in the paper.

  • birds fly says:

    Your style here reminds me of that of one of my friends who passed away a few years back. He used to draw for hours (usually while stoned) and the result was often a page like this of epic scale and subject matter, full of various scenes inked out in minute detail. Sometimes he’d sit with me and explain the drawings in his sketchbook. It was always an enlightening experience and made me enjoy his work even more.

    I hope you post more of your artwork- I really like it.

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