the woman with a head for heights

April 29, 2017 § 1 Comment

the old woman runs up the road by courtesy of the pen
while post-dawn begins the necessary separation of worlds

beheld of themselves in places where the next year unbends,
she glides into the shop, chewing the lampshades
and cursing the light

behind me i say let’s live uneasily, it’s better
than this, for longing to be an invention of mine,
nothing like life as it is

foxes separated by mountains become two new foxes,
perhaps one can curse the light while the other cannot

yet since when longing calms doubt begins,
what new touch could strike you against the wind?

the old woman glides into the shop while the new year
becomes two new foxes, it’s better than
this, to live too easily

since when does doubt begin when longing calms?
i live uneasily by courtesy of a pen, perversely particular,
beheld of someself against the mountain,
something like an invention
struck against the wind


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