lizard embryo

December 6, 2016 § Leave a comment

Somehow my biology professor does not think it pertinent to let us know when exams are going to be. It’s alarming. I found a door. I’d seen it before, and in fact if you are trapped in a building full of screeching people, you should not let the possibility that it might be locked stop you from turning its knob. The door opens onto a conference room, with chairs all clustered toward the front and I ignored those. I did not turn on the lights nor try to. A wall of windows welcomes in the light bouncing off the slushy snow, today I suppose, but yesterday it was fresh. A long narrow desk against the back wall where I sit out of sight of anyone else curious just outside the door and I can feel my thoughts returning to me and taking shape in the dark where outside all the muffled voices become reassuring instead of maddening. Extrinsic factors all tempered and how math is the truest language are my clearest thoughts.


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