i missed the point but not entirely

August 18, 2016 § Leave a comment

coordinated the struggle in and against
amassed a vast archive
of Just What Happened Here?
but considerably cryptic? bleedful?
who can imagine
but to build a canal.

systematic separateness or
the global prequel
smothers a philosophy sketch
to subsume a proverb.

what appears objective
predicts the weather
through a vaporous loop:
well isn’t Hamlet’s life a fine one?
but then, wait.

illicitly molecular
now express those red sensations!
cooperate perhaps
it could be supposed
but resolutely therein
to say FUCK a lot and start over.

cognitive touching temporally
and euphorically and
where was I?
well, here.
there every encounter
a yearning speculative
unspeakable the jaws of gears
back in bed again,
that interloping gait.

such a thing perhaps I dreamed it you know how that
as yet roadrunning, burying
small bones, unearthing
as well as de-earthing,
out to sea (turtles) where hardly
I can hear you
to advance along
six axes.

discourse failure
dive hunt bleed and burrow
anything yet can happen
in the curvature of a letter.

now multiply those mad sensations!
of penning one’s hypnoses
to bend from the lips not separate
which when then can production start
on physiological codes
of inconsequential flow
but I insist upon the tributaries:

thus every which way,
as one would have it.


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