the spaces between

February 28, 2016 § Leave a comment

stilted body with fabric valves
chords gasp ladylike contrived
undone in a stilted ocean breath
or drunk on the maw of a mountain

and what, just drench you,
the gaze of a brontosaurus
upon someone else’s night, I have entered the room
to cry loudly ‘I’m not!’
but that’s no matter

indeed it was love then perhaps some formula
or some mother’s passionate eternity
which was yesterday or literature or magic
or a muskrat scuttling round a pipe organ
a time for us, I think

both ears buried it in cruel peekaboos
a device to speak into your chest
choirs buried in dungeons
after the stars have come calling
to put you to bed, bed, bed
in moments of sidereal theater
to justify my rotating head

perhaps as it was written, then hourglassed
the expressway, a missile, an antiseptic,
acrid treasures over a punctured beach;
crochet it into me, would you,
or wouldn’t you?

these virtues of sand
or the spaces between thermometers
long-lost echoes over a delicate valve–

a lacquer upon a primordial wave
which predicts tomorrow’s coldness.
always it is cold.


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